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I am so impressed with your digitizing I will always come back here...Perfect stitches...great price and service within 24 hours...thanks so much!!!!

Jeana Byrd

Hello, We just downloaded our latest order and I must say it look GREAT! Thanks so much.

Bobby Landeche

I think I just found my new digitizer. Thanks for being kind and patient to me. I should make payment tomorrow if they like it.

Jerry Buquoi

It is Fantastic and I will get with you when they are ready. They are ordering shirts first to see what they look like and of course, Paypal is taking a little time. I should be converting this to an order today. God Bless and Good Night. I Thank God for people like You everyday, Jerry

Jerry Buquoi

Thank you so much for your excellent service, quick turnaround and most of all PATIENCE with me as I was undergoing my learning curve with this. I will be back in touch for more work in the future.

Melanie Ki Trelaine

I just wanted to extend my appriciation of sending me the other two files with different stitch pattern. They worked perfect it looks beautiful. Great customer service. I made a good decision in choosing you all. Thanks again. Tony

Sidney Meyers or Tony Medrano

I want you to know that you will did a fabulous job on my stuff that I sent you last week. I appreciate yours and Betty s hard work and quick turnaround time. I will never use anyone else for digitizing again. Everything stitched out beautifully. Thanks so much again

Karen Wilson

I just pulled down the files. I have not stitched them out yet but I am sure they will be great……your work always is. Thanks so much, you all do a great job!

Karen Wilson

Sorry for any trouble I caused. I do appreciate all the work that was done to help me getting it look great! THANKS!!!!! Stephanie Newton.

Stephanie Newton

Thanks for the editing, it came out very well.We sent out the sample to our customer for aproval.You guys are great and we are happy with your work.Editing work is part of digitizing of new designs and we try to do it our selfs ifit is possible like resizing or cutting out text lines etc.So far it was very easy to work with you guys.What would be more of a help: if we would be abble to use this email adress to sendadditional graphic files or scans(when we need it) for a better comunication.Thanks, Peter


I just wanted to tell you how great this logo turned out. Everyone loved it. Thank you all for doing such a great job. You are the best. Have a great day! I stitched out a couple of samples of my Fleur de Bee. Incredible!!! I could not have gotten a better qualtiy design. One question though. On your stitched out design, it looks as if you used different shades of gray to highlight and accent the design. Is that really what you did because mine never showed more than 3 color changes. Either way, they are fantastically digitized. I have definately saved your site and will be using you for future designs. Thanks again!!

Jan Walker

Marcos Gomez United Status Its perfect, I thank you so much, I will be back for more business in the future, thank you, Marcos Gomez

Marcos Gomez

"This looks so pretty!! I am going to sew this out tonight when I get home. Thank you so much!

Dorothy Famiano

I have stitched out my three designs and they are tremendous! Thank you and I look forward to sending you more work in the near future keith handyside Black Bear Enterprises, Inc

keith handyside

woo hooo!!! YOU DID IT !!! that is THE BEST YET !!! thanks for your great customer service!!!

Barbara Schultz

This Live Chat works wonderful..... Thank you for your help Ayanga. I like using your service cuz CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWESOME!!! Really do believe in your excellent work.....Thanks again

Sidney Meyers or Tony Medrano

Thank you all...your work is GREAT!!!!! I love how it sews out!!!


want to thank you guys for the great job that you do...

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