embroidery artwork services

Super Digitizing offers embroidery artwork services for varies embroidery machines such as Tajima, Brother, Melco, etc…

Why choose us for emb digitizing?

  • 100% US based company
  • Our digitizers have more than 16years experience in embroidery digitizing
  • 24hrs turnaround
  • Quick online / phone  support
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Ann Spotts is happy with embroidery digitizing from super digitizing

Thank you so much for re  embroidery digitizing the design, Conquest Brewing Co. It looks beautiful. I have been very pleased with my designs and my service since I began using your company. My customers are very pleased with the results! Thanks,

Ann Spotts 

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Embroidery Digitizing can be a critical, beginning point

Embroidery Digitizing can be a critical, beginning point inside the embroidery process.

Even though some designs are basically lettering or monogramming keyed from pre-designed alphabets, other people are custom designs that are created from customer provided art. An average entrepreneur with moderate computer capabilities can learn how to lay-out and manipulate lettering. However, the abilities necessary to convert art into custom designs are under as fundamental.


The big question that embroiderers face is that if they need to learn how to digitize in-house, or delegate their digitizing.


First, let’s assess the digitizing process then explore what options can be found.


The whole process of digitizing high quality, fluid running designs is certainly a skill. It’s acquired through training, practice and understanding fundamental concepts of graphics. The simplest approach to assess a contract digitizer is always to consider their several hours or years of full-time digitizing experience.

Even though our present amount of technology offers some automatic features for instance “auto vectoring” and “auto digitizing” software, these characteristics alone are a good way for an finish. Even though this software can convert fairly simple graphics into fundamental designs, they cannot convert typical or complex art in to a finished, fluid embroidery design. Within reach of a novice, these characteristics can render some simple embroidery. Within reach of an excellent digitizer, these characteristics bring tools to quickly render limited areas of art into stitches and accelerate the digitizing process.


Since we have quantified the process, let’s think about the pending criteria.

For nearly any start-up process where the embroiderer has minimum prior embroidery experience, custom digitizing needs to be outsourced. As with every business start-up, if you have been capabilities to know. Outsourcing the digitizing task saves time, improves quality and adds profitability to new embroidery business. How good the embroidery works and the way it seems will probably be controlled with the design, thread condition, machine condition and operator abilities. By based on a skilled digitizer, you’ll be able to ramp-up faster and get greater production yields.


For your beginning embroiderer, it is also wise to consider purchasing new embroidery machines, rather than used, if whatsoever possible. New equipment brings a factory up-to-date machine to the equation, reducing risk and for that reason improving production objectives.


For nearly any existing embroidery operation, careful analyses digitize in-house or delegate might be examined while using following factors:


Quantity of designs – A skilled, full-time digitizer can produce roughly one or two left chest designs hourly, according to size and complexity of design. That’s 3 to 6 designs daily. In comparison, a new digitizer may produce 1 to 3 designs daily. Just in case your demand reaches these amounts, an in-house digitizer may well be a good economic decision.


Type and size of orders – An embroidery shop that processes numerous, single piece orders will overindulge of designs. Orders that vary the material or utilization of designs may require plenty of editing for that finest performance on all jobs run. Shops that provide mostly personalization would consume very handful of custom designs. Shops who process mostly large orders may even consume less custom designs.


Customer types – Even though some clients allow plenty of discretion for that embroiderer, other people are more particular in regards to the design particulars. To have the ability to service these clients, an in-house digitizer or otherwise too as with-house editor is important.


Control preferred – Every shop has different management styles and control comfort levels. People with elevated tolerant levels may make a decision to utilize an outdoors digitizer whereas people choosing tight control should employ an in-house digitizer.


Graphic art capabilities in-house – Digitizing requires a certain temperament and certain computer graphic capabilities to be successful.


The final outcome: Every embroidery shop will benefit from high quality digitizers that dazzle their customers, while creating an enjoyable earn money from fluid running designs. Whether you choose to delegate or else, a fast, reliable and experienced digitizer brings great results for the business.

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Embroidery Digitizing Service

Digitizing a design is not same as it was two to three years ago; embroidery industry has been in a continued growth with technology and software being used for embroidery process to have top quality from digitizing a design to finished products. Today, embroidery industry require top quality as well as competitive prices due to the wide spread market of textile industry.

In embroidery industry, quality of digitized design plays important part for preparing final product. Digitizing is process of converting images or designs to readable format by machine embroidery software. For every embroidery company or embroiders, getting design digitized having top quality with affordable prices, is always been hard work.

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Julie Bradford is happy with SD’s embroidery digitizing service


You have excellent service, great turnaround time and the logo was perfect. When I called you it was great to actually get a human being. I will definitely utilize your digitizing services in the future.

Thank you.

Julie Bradford

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Deena is happy with our Embroidery Digitizing Service

Amazing job on the detail of the patches I submitted. Very timely turn around time. I am very pleased. I will defintely use Super Digitizing from now on.

Thank you!


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Scott Carter is happy with super digitizing’s embroidery digitizing service

Betty and Viraj,

Thank you so much.

It’s perfect!

Thank you for your troubles. You are the best!!!

Have a great day!

Scott Carter

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Scott Carter is a happy client of Super Digitizing for embroidery digitizing service

Betty and Viraj,

It looks great!

Everything you do always looks so good. Thank you for all your help.

Have a great day!

Scott Carter

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Searching for your initial Embroidery Digitizing Company?

Searching for your initial Embroidery Digitizing Company? Searching for another digitizer  when you’re unhappy along with your existing provider or companies regarding task to Digitize logo design? It will require some volume of effort if you want to get the best company. Whether or not you are employed around the massive or else, there is however always a reliable and highly professional service that could suit your needs at inexpensive price points.


The initial step to consider when choosing an excellent Embroidery Digitizing customer is to select by their experience. A correctly established digitizer will most probably mention its date of establishment or business years online simply because they would display their pride within it. Also do a little analysis to ascertain if the business is completely new or old. If you are unable to have the particulars, it may be ideal to deliver an instantaneous email towards the organization. Email might be the main reason for communication employed by virtually every Embroidery Digitizer and you are simply certain with an instant response.

If you talk to different Embroidery Digitizing Service through email, you’d go for an apparent idea of their customer care. The questions you request should not indicate anything concerning the quantity of business that you’d like to supply them. For those who have bulk designs being created having a digitizer, don’t tell them it in the beginning. Just in case the business shows a great response without any commitment of bulk business, you’ll have the ability to expect you’ve found an excellent Embroidery Digitizing Service.


When you’re searching at employing the help of a specialist provider, make sure that you simply request them for previous samples. Any organization would be ready to understand this type of request in the promising client. It is also entirely possible that they’ll email their work pictures in addition to their e-literature and mail samples.

Another reactor that requires thinking about might be the proficiency in the Custom Embroidery Design Company in offering big or small designs. It becomes an important aspect because some companies are skilled in small designs while others in large designs. Look into the web site to uncover the kind of Digitizing Embroidery work they have created formerly.


The scope of services provided with a digitizer may differ in the manner to acquire scanned program for just about any pattern being stitched from you to supply complete creating services. Just in case you are not sure in regards to the services supplied by a company, you’d fare best by asking them through email.

Just in case all the stitching tasks are carried out-house due to your organization, it’s not a vast amount of importance that country you obtain the task implemented to Digitize Embroidery. However, if you wish to ship the product with a provider for stitching your design, then it may be better to handle a business from your own country, however, many offshore digitizing companies have started offering live chat or phone support for his or her worldwide clients, that will help you talk to them if they’d like to provide support according to your more appropriate time zone. This can help keep your digitizing expenses lower.

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